Fidelity cares
about good laboratory practices.

Fidelity Diagnostics has invested hundreds of hours to ensure they achieve the highest standards in good laboratory practices by pursuing accreditations and awards from multiple organizations.
Fidelity paves the way by modeling the standard for other Cannabis testing laboratories throughout Montana and the US.

Accredited and Award-Winning Testing From Fidelity Diagnostics.

Fidelity Diagnostics Laboratory takes our testing seriously. Our facility and practices have been accredited and awarded for excellence in testing standards by multiple third-party organizations to ensure the highest quality testing for our clients, every time.

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Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation

PJLA is a private US based organization offering third-party accreditation services. Our laboratory undergoes annual audits for testing and calibration, inspection bodies, reference materials, and sampling organizations to maintain our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

Check out Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation website to learn more about their ISO accreditation standards.

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Accreditation #: 102722

ISO Information

International Standards Organization

ISO (International Standards Organization) builds and maintains standards for scientific research, quality assurance, manufacturing, construction, and much more. The ISO is the world’s leader in standards that ensure quality in infrastructure and products across the globe. Our laboratory operations and testing procedures follow ISO standards of excellence.

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Fidelity Diagnostics consistently donates funds to give back to our local communities. Learn more about the contributions we have made and awards we've received for our ongoing Cannabis testing excellence and philanthropy.

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Crohn's Charity Service Foundation, "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" Cannabis Philanthropist Award

The Crohn's Charity Service Foundation is a public benefit non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for financial assistance & Crohn's awareness since 2011. The Crohn's Charity Service Foundation is open to assist the families and caretakers of affected individuals. Fidelity Diagnostics was awarded the Blood, Sweat, and Tears philanthropist award which is awarded to corporate donors in the Cannabis industry who have made it their priority to support those struggling with Crohn's and other debilitating medical diseases.

Learn more about the award and the work of the Crohn's Charity Service Foundation.

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Hempfest & Cupfest Best Cannabis Testing Laboratory Award

The Montana Hempfest has awarded FIDI with the Best Cannabis Testing Laboratory Award for 2023! The Montana Hempfest and Cupfest organization is an impartial group of cannabis enthusiasts and professionals that together host the largest hemp and cannabis gathering in Montana. The ” Best Of Cannabis” series occurs once a year, and awards are presented to cannabis companies for excellence in a particular product or field.

Check out our article on the Montana Cup Fest and Montana Hemp Fest

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Emerald Scientific Proficiency Testing Awards

Emerald Testing  is a third-party laboratory that provides Cannabis and Hemp testing facilities with a broad range of quality assurance awards to help meet their internal SOP, regulatory compliance, and ISO/IEC needs. These certification awards ensure that our standards are on par or better than the national standards for Cannabis testing.

Check out The Emerald Test website to learn more about their ISO Award standards.

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Check out our latest charitable contributions!

July/August 2023 Give Back To Habitat For Humanity

Every two months, FIDI chooses one employee to donate $500 from FIDI to a Montana charity of their choice. Learn about The Missoula Habitat For Humanity.

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