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Fidelity is the leader in expedient, confidential, and accurate testing and analysis of cannabis products. From HPLC & ICP Mass Spectrometry, to testing & consulting, we deliver every time.

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Holiday Hours Update

Labor Day Holiday Hours Change

FIDI will be closed on Monday September 4th for Labor Day, Please submit al orders by August 28th in order ensure test results are possessed before the holiday.

Full support for Montana Cannabis Businesses.

 From comprehensive compliance testing to analytical testing on your plants and products, we can help you understand the variables around how your cannabis plants are grown to help you make better decisions about your products and test for quality assurance.

Compliance Testing

Quickly test your cannabis products, validate your procedures, and stay ahead of state standards and regulations.

Analytical Testing

Know your variables & get data and test results to accurately make R&D or cultivation decisions for your cannabis facility.

Custom Labeling

Fidelity takes data visualization seriously. Our custom labels present your test results in an aesthetically pleasing, reader-friendly manner.

Test Consulting

We take the guesswork out of your data.  Let us consult with you on all aspects of cannabis testing. From failed tests and R&D, to interpreting results into usable data.

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Nation’s leading Cannabis testing software.

Fidelity Diagnostics uses Confident Cannabis for our LIM System, or Lab Information Management System. This system takes all of your testing data and compiles it into one easy-to-access database. Simply order your test through your secure and confidential profile on Confident Cannabis. Fidelity Diagnostics tests and analyzes your product. The test results, or COA, can be viewed or downloaded at any time on your Confident Cannabis profile. Order new tests, search and review past tests, and view analytical data calculated from your results all through your Confident Cannabis profile. Our LIM System has unparalleled search features that enable you to track important data over time.

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Making labels better. Visualize the test results.
Fidelity takes data visualization seriously. Our custom labels present your test results in an aesthetically pleasing, reader-friendly manner.
Give your numbers their best face. Don’t settle for plain, cramped testing labels that are hard to read and harder to interpret.
Get labels to match your brand. Pair your brand and packaging with your test results using our clear and artful labels. Designed to be customized to your preferred colors and size.
Stay compliant and stylish with Fidelity Diagnostics’ custom labels for all of your adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana products. They’re simple, easy, and attractive.
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