The testing lab that gives back.

Fidelity is proud to support our wide community of clients and partners.  From sponsoring local community gatherings, to helping fund scientific research into Cannabis-related studies, we believe in empowering individuals through information and community activism. Our goal is simply to enable the general public through community organization of important events and media.

Check out our latest charitable contributions!

September/October 2023 Give Back To Western Montana Climbers Coalition

Every two months, FIDI chooses one employee to donate $500 from FIDI to a Montana charity of their choice. Learn about The Western Montana Climbers Coalition.

Fidelity Diagnostics donates to the Missoula Public Library Foundation 2023.

Fidelity Diagnostics has donated $1000 to the MPL Community Engagement Fund. We are excited to help build more educational resources for Missoula County.

Supporting our schools.

Fidelity Diagnostics is a firm believer in the importance of education, and has worked for years to donate supplies to our community’s schools and students. Our team has been running and supporting school drives since 2016 that have generated thousands of dollars worth of school supplies for our community’s students in need. We are committed to the promotion of science so we can help improve the education of our youth for the future of Montana.

Helping Montanans with their
business and livelihoods.

Fidelity is dedicated to helping uplift our industry and local community throughout Montana with support of all kinds. We truly believe in helping improve scientific education and common-sense legislation.

Helping the most vulnerable in Montana.

Whether it is donating to local Montana food banks, helping run clothing drives, or supporting our displaced communities, Fidelity Diagnostics strives every day to help our Montana community thrive and grow. We love to support local communities in need through Missoula’s Poverello Center by providing food, shelter, resources, and hope to Missoula’s under-privileged.

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FiDi’s Employee’s Choice Give Back program is Fidelity Diagnostic’s way of letting our valued team members and staff choose where and how the lab’s charitable donations are spent. Periodically, a new employee is given the opportunity to choose a local Montana-based charity to donate $500 to on behalf of Fidelity Diagnostics.

We encourage our employees to recommend a charity that is unique and special to them. These charities have included things from women and children shelters like the YWCA, to independent journalism projects like the Montana Free Press.

Learn about important legislation.

Stay in-the-know on the legislation that the Montana Cannabis industry operates under. Get the most recent updates on how Cannabis testing in Montana is changing.

Want to share a cause with FiDi?

Fidelity Diagnostics is here to give back to people and causes within the local Montana community. Reach out to us if you have a cause Fidelity can support.