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Fidelity Diagnostics is a Montana based ISO and State certified Cannabis testing laboratory with locations in Missoula, Bozeman, and the Flathead valley. Fidelity provides fast & accurate Cannabis analysis and the best resources and support for greater Montana.


Accredited testing from Fidelity Diagnostics.

Fidelity Diagnostics Laboratory takes our testing seriously, and our facility and practices have been accredited by multiple third-party organizations to ensure the highest quality testing for our clients.

Accreditation #: 102722

PJLA is a private organization based in the United States, offering third-party accreditation services globally, for testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, reference material producers, and sampling organizations. Our laboratory undergoes annual audits to maintain our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

ISO Information

ISO (International Standers Organization) ISO builds and maintains standards for scientific research, quality assurance, manufacturing, construction, and much more. The ISO is the world’s leader in standards that ensure quality in our infrastructure and products. Our laboratory operations and testing procedures follow ISO standards of excellence.

The team you can trust.

Fidelity’s team has over a decade of combined testing experience, and we utilize the most cutting-edge analytical instruments. Our expansive fleet of professional and discreet field technicians covers all of Montana and provides any location with the same dependable services, no matter the location.

Rapid, dependable testing pickups. Always free.

Accurate and fast testing, providing you with the data you need.

Easily access your testing data.

Place orders and more through Confident Cannabis.

Incredible personal support,  when you need it.

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Accurate, fast, secure

Fidelity leads in expeditious, confidential, and accurate analysis. From HPLC to ICP Mass Spectrometry, testing to consulting, we deliver.

Loyal ongoing support

Our clients come first. We are a family of scientists and technicians that strive to provide the highest level of support and knowledge, when you need it most.

Know more for less

Our LIM System provides the highest level of information to our clients with easy-to-interpret results. Clients can enjoy our free pick-up & labeling services.

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Our founders

Andre Umansky
Scientific Director

Melissa has over a decade of experience in compliance and business management. Since moving to Montana in late 2000, Melissa has raised a family and a business here. She has worked to help build an expert team of professionals that Fidelity employs, from three in 2016 to over 25 employees today. Melissa has lead the charge for Fidelity to become ISO 17025 certified.

Melissa Umansky
Operations Director / Quality Assurance Manager
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