Use cannabis testing data to make actionable changes.

Fidelity Diagnostics offers more than just testing solutions. By using the data from your tests, we can help you improve your procedures. Our team of scientists and industry professionals have decades of experience demystifying the causes for specific test results. Add value to your tests and learn how data can help grow your Cannabis business.

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Fidelity not only provides superior compliance testing for Cannabis end products, but we also  offer analytical testing for all aspects of your cultivation facility. We offer a wide variety of additional specialty testing in addition to consulting with our scientists  to help you better understand exactly what variables your plants require. Knowing all your variables is vital for a professional Cannabis business. Contact our team and we can help navigate you to the solution for any question or test. Learn more about our vast range of services for the modern Cannabis business.

Turn your Cannabis testing results into actionable improvements.

Pesticide and Biocide Test Consulting

One of the most common reasons for failing a compliance test is the use of pesticides or herbicides. If you find your business is failing your compliance tests, or if you are trying to address an ongoing problem with your Integrated Pest Management system while still producing compliant products, Fidelity is the team to trust.

Foreign Matter Test Consulting

Foreign matter in Cannabis is one of the largest complaints from our clients, and often a reason for failed tests. Improper use of PPE, and even excessive airflow in your grow, can result in foreign matter contamination. Let our team assist you in finding the source.

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