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Frequently asked questions about our cannabis testing and analysis

Got questions about our testing process, turnaround times, sample sizes, our LIM system, and more? Get the answers you need.

Some of your questions

We lead the industry in our method-based compliance and diagnostics testing for cannabis, hemp, and medical marijuana. So whether you are testing your Montana MMJ products for final sale to patients, seeing what ratios of cannabinoids your latest harvest contains, or trying to develop new products, trust in Fidelity to test your cannabis. We wrote down some of our most frequently asked questions to help navigate you to the solution. If you can’t find your answer, please contact us.

Ordering a test is simple and easy, just follow our step-by-step instructions for ordering a test through our “Laboratory Information Management” system, Confident Cannabis. Instructions can be found here.

A failed test can result from a test coming back positive for high amounts of pesticides, residual solvents, foreign matter, yeast, mold, heavy metals, and/or moisture. To see what the Action Levels for testing are please consult either our services or the Montana DPHHS Quality Assurance and Testing Protocols.

Fidelity offers the fastest testing turnaround times in Montana.

Test results are usually received within 3 – 4 business days or sooner.  If time is of the essence, we do offer a Rush Service on orders for an additional fee. Click to learn more about our Rush Service pricing.

Our prices depend on the tests ordered, a fully compliant Quality Assurance test package that includes every test required by the state costs $375 and includes every test required by the state: filth & foreign matter inspection, moisture and potency (cannabinoid profile), microbial, mycotoxin, and pesticide screenings, along with imaging, sample collection, courier service, and printable label template. Here’s a full list of our services and their price breakdown.

Our laboratory uses Confident Cannabis to report test results to our clients. Directions can be found here.

Yes, we can do R&D (Research and Development) testing for you as long as you are a valid medical patient.

We welcome you to drop off your samples for R&D testing. However, for Montana Compliance Testing, one of our sample specialists must come to your facility to sample the product.

You can pay for our services through a range of different payment methods including: 

  • Cash
  • Check or Money Order
  • Credit Card – Please call the lab for credit card payments
  • ACH

The hours of operation for our lab location are 9 am to 5 pm. Our fleet of qualified field technicians can be scheduled for a pick-up here.

By Montana State law, all testing laboratories are required to take a 0.5% sample of each specific batch. The exact size of the sample depends on the batch size in question and the tests being performed. A minimum of 1 gram per strain is required regardless of batch size and strain count.

Each sample is required to be taken from a specific batch. When entered into Metrc your test sample will be 0.5% the size of the total batch size. This is a new requirement as of 2019.

The Montana DPHHS has released a new set of testing requirements as of October 2019. Two major changes with this are to Action Levels and the size of the testing amount. “Action Levels” means the maximum values of specific compounds that if detected above the “Action Level” would lead to corrective action and possibly a failed test.

Yes, if your product has failed in a past QA test, you may test again if you have gotten the approval of the Montana DPHHS ahead of time. “DPHHS may authorize a retest to validate a failed test result on a case-by-case basis.” A full copy of the Testing Requirement Guidelines can be found here.  We suggest you contact your inspector for further information about your situation.

No, if you have failed a Quality Assurance test, the Montana DPHHS strictly prohibits the sale or distribution of failed QA tested product. The DPHHS does allow for retesting under some conditions. Consult with Fidelity to address corrective actions and ensure your product is safe and fit for sale.

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