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Fidelity and the cannabis community

Fidelity Diagnostics is deeply invested in the communities and clients we serve. From the amazing social activists who have fought to keep the cannabis industry open, to sponsoring events, and more, Fidelity has always been at the forefront of the ever-evolving cannabis industry. FIDI is the industry leader in testing solutions for the cannabis industry, offering transparent, fast, and effective testing for all levels of cannabis cultivation and production.

We contribute to our community.

Our laboratory is dedicated to giving back to our terrific community and industry. From sponsoring the state’s largest cannabis and hemp festival to advocating for legal cannabis and donating to local schools and community organizations, FIDI is here for all Montanans.

Sponsoring events

Fidelity Diagnostics sponsors the largest hemp and cannabis festival in Montana. We also support other cannabis and hemp gatherings and conventions so that we can help our burgeoning industry. Contact us today for more information about or sponsored events.

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Influencing legislation

Cannabis legislation is always changing on the state and federal levels. It is vital that our community of advocates and cannabis business owners organize to regulate cannabis in the US and Montana to create a healthy, vibrant industry.

Giving Back

Fidelity cares deeply for our local Montana communities, and we actively donate money and aid to schools, shelters, and community development projects to help make the amazing places we live that much better. Check out some of the amazing groups we have helped!

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Our latest news

Stay up to date with our latest news and laboratory journal posts from Fidelity Diagnostics, Montana’s industry leader in cannabis testing. Learn about the science behind the testing, developments at Fidelity, and more!

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