Why is my Montana cannabis failing pesticide testing?

Failed biocide testing can occur due to systemic pesticide usage. When systemic pesticides are used on mothers, or breeder plants, those pesticides can be transferred to the clones and persist all the way through cultivation and harvest, no matter how much you wash.

Systemic pesticides are chemicals that are actually absorbed by a plant when applied to seeds, soil, or leaves. The chemicals then circulate through the plant’s tissues, killing the insects that feed on them. When applied to a mother, plant pesticides can last for a very long time inside the plant and some pesticides can be transferred from the mother to offspring for generations. Some studies have shown that these pesticides can degrade the genetic integrity of the plant, leading to mutations in the genome. All of the factors should be taken into account before using any pesticide.  Due to the numerous health and testing concerns, Fidelity Diagnostics recommends extensive research, including R&D testing, before broad application of pesticides on your grow. 

When selling any product but especially products in the medical industry, it is critical to safeguard against harmful residual chemicals like biocides. The introduction of these pathogens can be insidious, even if some steps have been taken to protect your production pipeline. The exposure of foreign matter and contaminants can happen from a mixture of routes. The importance of quality, reliable testing that can scan for a host of multiple contaminants is crucial to protecting your patients and yourself. Fidelity can bring the highest level of testing assurance and support so you can identify problems before they happen and stay confident that your products and processes are superior. Test with Fidelity.

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