Fidelity Diagnostics Testing Milestone 2022

It’s a proud day here at Fidelity Diagnostics… we’ve hit a tremendous milestone. We’ve just completed our 100,000th Sample! That’s right… 100,000 samples! *fireworks, applause, and champagne corks* So, what does this number mean? It means you’ve trusted us 100,000 times with your products and livelihoods. You’ve trusted our ISO-accredited laboratory and have helped grow a brand that gives back to our local communities in so many ways. 100,000 times you’ve allowed us to serve you. 100,000 times you’ve helped support our co-workers, families, and neighborhoods, and 100,000 times you’ve become a part of our FiDi Family. We are so touched, so proud, and so humbled that you’ve chosen us 100,000+ times. We look forward to the next 100,000 samples and having you along on this crazy ride with us.

From all of us here at Fidelity Diagnostics…


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