March/April 2023 Give back to FreeCycles of Missoula.

“I would like to donate to Free Cycles in Missoula. I feel like they are a great community asset, getting people of all ages out riding and having fun on bikes. I have stopped there for parts or advice on how to fix bike issues. I think biking is not only a great way to get exercise, but also helps the environment and reduces traffic congestion in town. Also, they put on community events now and again. Great place all around, and I would like to see them thrive.”

Employee: Jake C., Microbiologist

Learn more about the Missoula Free Cycles and their work helping the Missoula Community stay independent with bicycle support and amazing music. Visit their website here.

Every two months, FIDI chooses one employee to donate $500 from FIDI to a Montana charity of their choice. Learn about Freecycles Missoula.

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Our laboratory is dedicated to giving back to our terrific community and industry. From sponsoring the state’s largest cannabis and hemp festival to advocating for legal cannabis and donating to local schools and community organizations, FIDI is here for all Montanans. We give thousands of dollars each year back to our community.